Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tragedies Then and Now

I am heartbroken. Teenagers arriving on vacation, whose lives are cut short by terrorism. Young men and women, guilty only of the crime of being Israelis and Jews.
This is a story that repeats itself, and has done so too many times. Jewish blood is cheap. Today it flows in the streets of Bulgaria; 18 years ago, it flowed in the streets of Buenos Aires; 40 years ago, it flowed in the streets of Munich. Does anyone even care? The IOC can’t give a minute of its’ precious time to remember the victims of the Munich Massacre; Hezbollah has gone on to control Lebanon, and now the international community will be working overtime to urge “restraint” on Israel, while paying lip service to the victims of this tragedy.
We must do better. In the 29th Kinnah that we recite on Tisha B’Av, (“Amarti”), the author calls for justice for those who perished in the first Crusade in 1096. In it, the author writes that God counts the blood of the victims, drop by drop.
We can do no less. The IOC, Iran and Hezbollah say Jewish blood is cheap; but we will oppose them, every step of the way. And we too will count each drop of blood; we will never forget the victims, and forever call out for justice.

(Written for TBDJ's Weekly Bulletin.)

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