Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Christmas Can Teach Us About Being Jewish

Hi Everyone! A recent article of mine entitled "What Christmas Can Teach Us About Being Jewish" was published in the Jewish Week. Please take a look at it!! (the story mentioned at the end of the article can also be accessed, in greater detail - here.


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Are we nuts or what? Do not we see anti Jewish feeling is as strong, or even stronger today around the World than ever? do not we see than in the West were it not for the influence of the US Jewish communiy the old nazi concentration camps would have been bulldozed by now and turned into farm fields or even residential aread? do we not see that not one single Holocaust memol would have been built were it not for the Jewish insistence? do we not see most non Jews resent all tha about the Holocaust? Do we not see the Russians, theUkrsinians, the Chinese, the Grmans do not do such about the many more millions of their kind who fied and thetegore condider too much the prominence of the Holocaust?
Do we not see resentmen of Jewish influence is building up in the US even among many senators and others that formally support Israel because they do it because they fear Jewish influence? It is not out of love for Jews. Do we not see Jewish influence it is not raw power because raw power belongs to the masses once they get mad and once that happens Jewish "power" dissolves like a sugar cube in hot water? Do not we see we sit atop a volcano? Truly Jews are just irrational about anti Jewish dynamics as amtisemites are about Jews and both are eternal. The next big eruption it will happen in America as sure as night follows day. So we can start to mourn already.