Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama's Cairo Speech: Is Israel a Lifeboat, or a Lifeline?

Thank you once again to Abigail Hirsch for filming and editing the video. And thank you to Lorne Lieberman for his continued support of this project.

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Unknown said...

Just as you mention that the perception of March of Living being Poland = sad, Israel = happy, I was able to find much happiness in young jews of Krakow. I went on my own accord, not as part of an organized trip, but I think it's important to visit the living as well as the dead. Maybe this is already acknowledged by March organizers, but it should be emphasized that it is just as important as for the visitors as it is for the 'receivers'.
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Anonymous said...

I think you might have misunderstood what Obama said when he linked the existence of the CURRENT state (under international law, not as a "nation") of Israel to "a tragic history". I studied with Canadian Institute of Jewish Research, a harshly zionist organization. What I learnt is that the foundation of the state of Israel project dates back to Herzl and the World Zionist Organization, circa 1880's, 50 years before Hitler seized power. Herzl motivation was to end a story of 2000 years of persecution within Christendom by having jews leave Europe and have a country of their own. I think this long time persecution is what Obama referred to.