Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Power of 1%, or Why My Blog is a Miserable Failure

I had breakfast this morning with my dear friend Mitch Joel Cohen, who I am proud to say, has recently made a big impact on the marketing world. We were talking about his mega-successful blog, and contrasting it with my…um…mega-unsuccessful blog. (Aside from a loyal following of 8 members of my congregation and 4 members of my family, my blog boasts a readership of 12 senior citizens in Miami.)

He noted a few issues about my blog, like very little linking, virtually no blogroll, and the fact that I blog rather infrequently, perhaps 2 or 3 times a month. If I only changed a few of these small things, (and I hope to change them soon), my blog might leap up a level or two to genuine mediocrity, and with some luck, may even become an average blog!

What I really learned from Mitch is a lesson about life. Most of us will make substantial efforts to succeed. However, when we near the finish line, we seem content with a pretty good effort, and begin to slow down. (As a football fan, I marvel at how many times players slow down near the goal line after a long run, as if a good effort is all that counts. Then they are tackled five yards short of a touchdown). It’s the last 1% of effort that makes all the difference.

The power of 1% is true in every phase of life: work, family, personal growth. The extra little effort can certainly improve a webblog. More importantly, the extra 1% can transform your life.

The power of 1%. Good for blogs. Even better for people!!


Anonymous said...

If you continue with these types of sparks and this kind of enthusiasm, you'll have the whole state of Florida reading ;)

Unknown said...

Kudos, from the State of New York!

Anonymous said...

Chaim, please keep writing past the goalpost! I'll be the first one to buy your Blog Book once published ;-)!

Anonymous said...

Rabbi,the 1% effort that some people make is almost equal to the 100% effort that others make. Your words generally go way past that goal post make a U-turn and come back for another point.

Anonymous said...

This is fine. So were the others.

Uri Cohen said...

I can't believe you didn't count readers in Israel! ;)